Saturday, 23 June 2012

What Happend today....

I was bored so just decided to write about how my day farr
So this morning me, Hanna, Zara, Jay and Darragh went to town.I got a few things in new look....aka best shop ever(Besides Penneys). So Look at what I got!(Its pics off the website too lazy to take actual photos!)
This top ;) gawjuss bralets atm

These shorty-short-shorts

These Class shoes

And a hair band ;)
My MSP account!

In the Mall awkward silence

Me, Lucky Lily, Destiny1o1,Kelesey-babes and purplex playing a game I won btw;]----->

For Youuh Guyz! ofc zac was asking what i look like irl.....2 minutes ago;]
So here Zac!...just a few


That was befor we were drunk..;0

Aint I Gawjuss1

First Post!O:

Heyy...stalkers..earthlings!This blog is about random shiz and stuff on msp! Just to let you know;]